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Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Tiny (voiced by Hayley Carmichael): The central character of the show. He is turquoise, has a pink antenna on top of his head, and a pink button on his belly which opens the lid of his head, uncovering a couple of tools which he uses for fixing machines and robots. He is also responsible for pulling the Day-Night Lever at the right times. Tiny lives on the Nut and Bolt Tree, right next to the Day-Night Lever. He is also the smallest of the Little Robots. He always has a positive view on things, and always tries to help his friends to live in peace and harmony together. Tiny is very mature for his age. Although what everyone doesn't know in the series that Tiny was mayor of the robot world despite being one of the younger Little Robots. And as the series continued he has taken part of other jobs like fixing robots. Putting his discy lift under inspection and even saving robots from the scrap.

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