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Tiny is the central character of the show.


As his name implies, Tiny is the smallest of the Little Robots. Nearly his entire body is turquoise. He has a pink antenna, nose, and ears on his head and gold soles under his feet. He also has gold belt with a pink button which opens the lid of his head, uncovering a couple of tools which he uses for fixing machines and robots.


It is said in the intro that Tiny is the one who saves his friends from scrap. He is responsible for pulling the Day-Night Lever at the right times. Tiny lives on the Nut and Bolt Tree, right next to the Day-Night Lever.


Tiny is very mature for his age. He always has a positive view on things and always tries to help his friends to live in peace and harmony together. He is kind and understanding to his friends. However, he can be strict to his friends when he needs to be, like when he stands up for Rusty after Stretchy bans her from the junkyard in Stretchy in a Twist.

He is also shown to be a handy robot, able to fix almost anything, including his friends and himself.

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