Sporty is the strongest and fittest of the Little Robots.


Sporty is constantly doing physical exercising activities, like running, playing games and sports, and weightlifting. He never gets tired of making himself stronger. Sporty is very friendly to the other robots. He is always willing to play games with them and use his strength to help his fellow friends out of situations. He is also humble, as he is willing to help train other Little Robots to become fitter too.

Despite being one of the bigger robots, he's shown to have child-like tendencies, such as when he finds humor in Noisy making fart noises and being distracted by Stripy's storytelling in "Robot Race Day". He can also be easily upset if he loses games, has to follow too many rules, or when his sport equipment is damaged. But in the end, Sporty will admit to his mistakes and do the right thing.

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